DP-70 dosimeter

DP-70 was a chemical dosimeter used in the Polish army during the Cold War. A dosimeter is a device used to measure the amount of radioactive radiation absorbed by a body, in this case, by soldiers.

DP-70 dosimeter

DP-70 has a form of a small metal cylinder (to protect the device in hard, combat conditions) that covers an ampule with a transparent liquid. This substance change color proportionally to absorbed radioactive radiation.

DP-70 dosimeter

It's a simple device, but has two major drawbacks - it can't be used by colorblind persons and is not precise. Due to those two factors, the device was replaced by more modern DKP-50 dosimeter.

DP-70 dosimeter DP-70 dosimeter DP-70 dosimeter

It can be bought for around two euro, unfortunately it's designed to measure ranges present during nuclear war, so it's far too insensitive to make any experiments with environmental radioactivity.

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