Protecting images against saving

If you share on the Internet your images, then you may want to protect them against saving. There're a lot of ways to do it - watermarks, cutting images into multiple smaller pieces and reassembling them by using CSS, tricks with CSS or JavaScript and others. None of them is accurate against experienced user, but they are sufficient in most cases.

Today I will show different approach to protecting images, it's a bit impractical due to high CPU usage on browser side, but it works. The idea is to convert image into HTML table, where each pixel is one cell with corresponding to this pixel location and color.

Project contains three parts: Python script, HTML template and CSS file. The script requires as an argument location of the input image, as an output it generates output.html file. This file should be stored in the same directory as inline_image.css file. The sources are available on GitHub (image2table directory).

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