What I plan to build in 2017...

This is just a quick summary of what I have in mind for 2017, more for me as a checklist than for readers, but maybe those ideas will also be interesting for someone else as his/her future DIY projects.

    1. Semiconductor Radioactivity Detector, my first attempts of making it, I've presented here, now I'm testing and adjusting new version, but for now it still doesn't work.
    2. I'm planning to go back to making my own programming language (just for fun of making it), one part I've presented in Virtual Machine implemented as a Domain Specific Language in Ruby, but I've also made a simple compiler to ELF binary for x386. Now I plan to make a new version for ARM and compare how my coding skills improved (x386 version was made a couple of years ago).
    3. I'm also thinking about building a simple ion thruster, this was done by many people at home, the most difficult part is the availability of a high voltage source but I could use my flyback transformer presented here. Of course, it's too heavy to be on board, would have to be connected by wires and stays on the ground. Maybe capacitors would be lightweight enough to be placed on the plane and provide power for small period? I don't know yet.
    4. Alpha Particle Spark Counter is also an interesting device to build. It operates at high voltage (3-4kV DC) and its electrodes aren't well protected against touching so it's a bit of a hazard. It's also quite primitive instrument from an early era of radioactivity measurements. I still think that it will be a cool project.
    5. I have also in mind visiting Objekt Alfa which is a nuclear shelter and an old military biological laboratory. You may imagine in what biological research army was interested in during the cold war. There were three objects planed, location of the second is still classified, third wasn't build. I will post photos for sure, for now you may check this relation (not mine).

This year was very successful for this blog, many people came, and I want to thank you all, also for valuable feedback - I learn many things from your comments. Thanks, I hope, you will visit this place in 2017 too!

I wish You all the best for the new year!

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