Some of my current projects or what I will present here in the future

Yellow Tank

A simple tank robot based on prefabricated chassis.

Update (2015-05-20): Description of a board with the microchip and motor driver is available here.

Weather Station

Update (2015-03-29): The project is finished (it lacks humidity sensor), and is described in this article.

Improved ionization chamber

I'm planning to increase sensitivity by using JFET transistors, in addition I will increase tube voltage. This projects is based on one of previous posts.

Update (2015-03-29): still in progress. Actual circuit and PCB are available at


Update (2015-03-29): The goal of the project was changed, now it's aimed to monitor radioactivity level by using three Geiger tubes. It will be possible to use it as a stand-alone detector in terrain or at home to monitor radioactivity and store data. The project's repository and its URL was also updated to


This tool is intended to create header files with content of layouts, fonts and other graphic elements. The idea is similar to presented in one of my previous posts.

Update (2015-03-29): It's working (with some minor changes that have to be made in output files each time the code is generated). The quality of the code is quite bad, but I didn't have the motivation to push it to an acceptable level, so it will probably stay as it is forever.

Update (2015-06-17): project abandoned, repository deleted.

Since I don't plan to develop this project further, I moved it from a dedicated repository to my repository where I keep my tiny projects. The current path to the project is:

This is not all, so please visit my blog from time to time :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015!


  1. Nice to see you posting again! I hope that you will publish details of your works soon, it looks quite interesting, especially this tank. It's good that you used available tank-base instead of making it, that would be really hard without professional/expensive tools.

    Regarding this uFormicarium (why this name?), what is this? I don't see any peripherals plugged into the board?

    1. >Regarding this uFormicarium (why this name?), what is this?
      It's intended to be used to measure conditions in ant colonies (but could be used for other animals like snakes, or raptors). I mean temperature, humidity, alerts if some conditions are incorrect for particular species, etc.
      >I don't see any peripherals plugged into the board?
      There isn't any peripherals yet, it's on very early stage :)

      Thanks for your feedback :)

    2. @up, thanks for explanation. Sounds nice, maybe you could sell those devices?

  2. Wiedzę, że kupiłeś dużo fajnych zabawek, gdzie te czasy, gdy pisałeś głównie o sieciowych rzeczach, jakieś skrypty do pobierania stron, artykuły o bezpieczeństwie w Internecie, etc? Perl all the way! Teraz wolisz sprzętowe rzeczy? Kto by pomyślał, heh.

    1. Racja. Powodzenia w konstruowaniu tego wszystkiego.

  3. Ta pucha z kablami wygląda uroczo ^_^

  4. Nice projects you are working on!